Jesse Berney
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Jesse Berney is a speechwriter, comedian, and commentator who has provided a voice for Democratic campaigns, progressive advocacy groups, and social justice organizations for more than a decade.

At the Democratic National Committee, Jesse developed many of the best practices for Internet operations still in use by political campaigns today. He created Kicking Ass, the first national campaign committee blog. He went on to work for Hillary Clinton's senate reelection and presidential campaigns, raising nearly $100 million with innovative, effective email communications.

Since 2008, he has consulted for a diverse array of campaigns and organizations, providing guidance on messaging, digital strategy, and fundraising. Over the course of his career he has written for dozens of Democratic elected officials and surrogates, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Robert Redford, and Elizabeth Warren.

Jesse also writes commentary and satire. His work has appeared in The Guardian, Salon, Wonkette, and The Huffington Post. He performs stand-up comedy around the DC area.

Before entering politics, Jesse edited technology-focused print and web publications in San Francisco. He is a graduate of St. John's College in Annapolis and lives in Washington with his wife and two children.


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